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Home Health

smiling nurse with patient

Starting Point is a clinical hub for Home Health operations offering support services to caregivers as they tend to patients in need. Our mission is to provide high-quality care by delivering professional clinical advice and expertise.


Our dedicated team offers the services below with the caregiver’s and patient’s best interest in mind.

Mitigation Efforts for High-Risk Patients

We are providing outbound triage calls to patients who need assistance with medical procedures ordered by doctors during their stay. This is in coordination with local clinical managers that are standing by to assist in getting the patient comfortable in their setting outside of the hospital.

This is designed to improve the quality-of-care patients receive once discharged and give caregivers the confidence and reassurance that they are following procedures accurately.

In return, this should reduce the hospitalization rate and, ultimately, provide an easier transition for recovering or sick patients.

Predictive Care Setting Management

Our team will identify the appropriate care setting and assist with coordinating specialized medical devices or procedures, if any, that should be utilized as a part of a patient’s personalized medical plan.

We are providing enforcement assistance algorithms that are built into their electronic health record (EHR) to reinforce the decisions made by the clinical support team.

These services ensure the appropriate care in the right setting at the right time is being provided to the patient. We also work to acknowledge the health status of patients when health episodes occur and ease transitions to appropriate levels of care, including Home Based Primary Care, Supportive/Palliative care, and Hospice when applicable, which is another value this service presents.

Aftercare Program

The clinical team will provide post-discharge check-ins for quality tracking and additional care support upon request from the patient.

There is a sense of comfort instilled in the patient, knowing they have a team behind them in support during their health journey. It is our responsibility to ensure that sustained outcomes are achieved and the patient is on the right path.