Continue Care
At Home Pharmacy

Continue Care provides a suite of services that deliver quality care to patients. Whether patients are referred by a provider or recently discharged from a hospital, we are with them every step of the way to ensure they receive the right care at the right time – when they need it most.


Patient Enrollment

Our team is responsible for analyzing the risk and medication data of each patient and taking the necessary steps to ensure quality care. Coordination between Home Health branches will also be conducted in efforts to grant eligibility and enroll patients. This service is a seamless communication tool between local Home Health clinicians.

Care Management & Triage

There is a team of qualified medical professionals that are on call to support all inbound and outbound patient care demands. Led by a team of nurses, triage will be administered to prevent emergency calls and hospitalizations. Patients will be informed by the on-call nurse of what procedures need to take place in order to mitigate the issue.

All diagnoses, medical conditions and medications will be properly logged and tracked to ensure the patient’s medical history is accurate.