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(IDD Services)

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Starting Point is a clinical hub providing support to Community Living facilities serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our mission is to provide high-quality care by delivering professional clinical advice and expertise.


The services below are offered by our committed team of healthcare professionals in an effort to support the individual in need.

On-Call Triage Support

A 24-7 nurse hotline is provided for triage and on-call support services. Triage response efforts are in place to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations among patients that could have received proper information and care over the phone. This service is clinician-led, which gives patients peace of mind knowing they are receiving accredited support and expertise. On-call triage services also centralize nursing costs for appropriate facilities.

Prior Authorization

The prior authorization processing procedure for payors is to cover PAL-issued medications for patients. This is in an effort to reduce the community living agency spending on non-covered medications.

Emergent Care & Hospital Coordination

We provide reliable coordination and communication between community living facilities and hospital personnel. This relationship will reduce the likelihood of patient admissions by providing clinician-to-clinician coordination; there is no third party in the middle that could be misunderstanding procedures.

Comprehensive Nurse Assessment

We provide annual health assessments that are available to the patient. This service is billable in some states.

Foster Home/Host Home Check In

An element of care management, regular check-ins are administered to ensure the patient is receiving the best care from their provider. This is a billable service in some states.

Intermittent Assessments

Assessment of patients’ needs is in review by our team of medical professionals; pro re nata (PRN) services are provided to determine if the medication under discussion should be issued. Medications taken as needed will be analyzed by our team to ensure proper utilization.